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How do I decide which hair bows and headbands to buy?

Posted by Angela Cates on

How did we come up with the names of our bows?

When we were getting ready for our photography shoot, I was organizing all of the hair bows and headbands the girls would be wearing and a light bulb went off in my head. I thought it would be easier to keep up with the type of bow if we gave the bow names versus 5 x 6 inch blue bow. I named each hair bow after the Girl who modeled it. It has made reordering your favorite bow easier because remembering the name Lucy bow is less complicated than a 5 X 6 inch blue bow. The Girls have loved having a bow named after them!

How do I know what size I should order?

We are located in the south our girls wear small to extra large hair bows. Some say the bigger the bow the better. It is a personal preference. We have bows of all sizes. Here is a breakdown of the bows by size.

Small bows are the Grace, Juliette and Natalie-set of 2 pigtail bows.

Medium bows are the Genevieve and Kaitlyn bows.

Large bows are the Ann Catherine and Alaina bows. Our Palmer headband has a large bow attached.

Extra large bows are the Julia, Lucy, Eliza, Sloane bows.

Extra-extra large bow is the Big Angie bow.

What is the difference between an alligator clip, French clip and a headband?

An alligator clip works for all types of hair and styles. Pinch the clip and it will open to slide into the hair. It can also be clipped onto a baby headband. We suggest alligator clips for thin hair, babies and attaching to headbands. Our Natalie pigtail bow, Eliza, Genevieve, Sloane, Grace, Ann Catherine, Kaitlyn, JulietteBig Angie bows have alligator clips.

A French clip is a barrette that has a tension rod and a clasp that closes to hold the hair. We recommend French clips for girls who have curly and medium to thick hair. Our Lucy, Julia, Alaina bows have French clips.

Our Palmer headband works for fine and thick hair. We cover the headband with ribbon and attach a 4 inch tall and 6 inch wide ribbon hair bow.

What is the difference between a flat center and a knotted center?

A flat center is ribbon wrapped in the middle to hold the bow together and is flat. With a flat knot you can add an alligator bow on top of the flat knot. This works well for Halloween. Take an orange bow and add a smaller black bow on top. When the holiday is over the bow can be slipped off. Our Eliza, Sloane, Genevieve, Kaitlyn bows and Palmer headband have flat centers,

A knotted center is ribbon that is swirled in the center of the bow and holds the ribbon in place to keep the bow together. Our Julia, Lucy, Natalie pigtail, Grace, Ann Catherine, Alaina, JulietteBig Angie bows have a knotted center.

How to care for my hair bow and headband?

If your bow gets dirty, hand wash it with a gentle detergent and let it air dry. I carry a ziploc bag in my purse so if our daughter is eating beets and grabs her white bow I am prepared. 

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